Tuesday, 19 August 2014

L . I . F . E

Life is what happens to you well your busy making other plans

Today I quote the words of the legendary Mr John Lennon. This phrase has stuck with me for quite sometime as I believe it to be very true. Life has taken an unexpected turn of events this past couple of months. I have finally come to terms with my true hopes and dreams. I feel it is final time to shut that little voice in my head telling my I may not succeed or I'm to scared to try. I will no longer let fear stand in my way no more! I am changing my ways. I'm going to try more things and live a little more. I'm looking forward to new beginning and learning new things. 

By bringing forward my dreams to you guys. I feel it as a form of encouragement, since now I've put them out there I have more of a chance of following them. 

They are the following:

  • Join a dance class
  • Go back and study
  • Learn French
  • Make time for creativity 
  • Travel 
  • Design again 
  • Learn how to play an instrument 
  • Blog more!!!! 
I'm sure there are many many other things to add to the list, but for now this list will be my aim to begin with. I am really excited to start this adventure!!!  

Once again I apologise for my absents in the blogging world. I do miss writing on here/ blogging pictures and am going to make a better effort to blog more. There are so many moments that I haven't had a chance to blog about this year, which I was sad about. Fear not though, I have come up with a way to catch you all up! I will be creating a throw back thursday page on a weekly to fortnightly basest to catch every one up and just show you all my adventures as I love to share and take pictures.

I look forward to blogging again

Farewell, my pretties

X.O. Diana

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