Monday, 20 May 2013

The new girl...

So hear I am writing on Freud (my lapy) starting my very first blog. Been meaning to do it for quiet some time but never had the right moment until now. As you can see, I’m a bit behind in the trend but if you knew me like my friends do, I’m not one to follow the trends or the “in thing”.  I truly am one of a kind. They say I’m crazy, loud, fun and weird but in a good way. I see life as an adventure; a rabbit hole in which we fall down, that brings us to a crazy wonderland that we create. I share a romance with fashion, art, film, music and colour. Fashion is who I am and my future as I am an up coming fashion designer, breaking into the industry headfirst. My inspirations come from the strangest places from movies, my surrounds, to a brick wall or I’ll be sitting on the couch and bam a design falls in my head. I’m quite inspired by Meadham Kirchhoff, Romance was born and Alexander McQueen. They are my favourite designers and in my blogs are head you’ll see why.

I dress for myself and wear what I like not because it’s cool but because I feel like it. My style is different and unique. I love clashing colours, crazy prints and mixing the strangest things together. I feel I was born in the wrong era as my sisters and others say I dress like a cool grandma. My wardrobe is a wonderland full of vibrance, a portal to another world full of all spectrums of the rainbow. You usually see me shopping in vintage stores or thrift shops, rarely in regular stores. 

One of my recents outfits I put together, Meadham Kirchhoff inspired. So excited birthday presents!!! New sweater and finally got my jelly shoes I've wanted for 2 years birthday :)

Having recently completed my advance diploma of fashion design, I am now a qualified designer. During my years in studying, I developed quite a few collections. My most recent and favourite collection I put together were my custom made ranges "Wild at heart" and "Vibrance my wonderland".

"Wild at Heart" 2012

This was a range I produced for the 2012 wool awards. My design was to the theme Avant Garde. The garment had to be made out of 60 % wool. My design was lucky enough to make the runway :)

"Wild at heart" was inspired by a spectrum of colour. This design came to me as I was sitting in the corner of my couch. I always loved crinoline cages. It was originally designed for the cages to fit the body but didn't work out. It features a strapless bra which was machine felted by rainbow merino wool. This was a nightmare to work with as I felted through all 7 layers of the bra i broke 11 needles (sorry Tafe). Attached to the bra is a hand knitted loom from the same merino wool. Continuing down, 50's styled briefs made from merino wool. With an overlay of colourful mayhem this crinoline cage was covered in a mixture of wool blend yards, which I tied together. This took me 3 days to do. Detachable sleeves and a over the top head piece adds to the spectrum of colour.

"Vibrance my Wonderland" 2012

"Vibrance my Wonderland" was inspired by fairytales and old folk Scandinavian fashion.Using a mixture of fairytales, my collection was built upon the stories of Snow White, Little Red Ridding Hood, Beauty and the Beast and Hansel and Gretel. 

“Gretel’s love” (on above ) inspiration arose from Hansel and Gretel. With the styling of feminity this piece is a highly structured garment fitted with a variety of paneled pieces. Put together with a mixture 3 contrasting printed floral fabrics. 

“Prince me” (top) and “The Warrior (skirt) was inspired by princes and fairytales at war. Prince me feature’s a  structured princess line with a over exaggerated sleeve of a leg of mutton sleeve made from velvet. Features an embroidered centre piece will gold embellishment. The red layer skirt was sunday pleated gives a warrior feel.

This was my favourite collection I put together. My final collection was lucky enough to open the run way graduate show for Tafe and was featured in the centre of my towns popular newspaper.

 I love bringing vibrance to my collections and design to an Avant Garde nature full of colour as this is my style and what I'm known for. I'm all about creativity in new innovative designs full of colour and craziness.

Vibrance my Wonderland draws out my inner dreams and creativity unleashing my true colors filled with vibrance.So come join me and take a trip down my rabbit hole into a land were wonder is full of Vibrance.

Hope you enjoyed my first blog
                                                         Diana D...the new girl xo

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