Monday, 17 June 2013

A date with Gatsby

The roaring 20's it was a time for partying, booze and rounds of giggle water. A time for true  celebration and amazement as we had won the war.  The era of fun, dance and laughter was among us. It was a time to flap your way into the charleston.

I shared a fond romance with this chaotic era. I came across this amazing era when I was 8 years old, I first witnessed the 20's through an episode of hit television show "Charmed". The episode was "Pardon my Past, actress Alyssa Milano played the youngest sister out of the three charmed ones. For those why don't know what Charmed is, it's a series about three sister witches with magical powers who fight demons and warlocks. In this episode Phoebe flash back to the past as it tries to warn her about trouble ahead. The trouble began in the 20's. I was shown a world of beautiful song and fashion from drop waist lines, to bodies covered in beads and fringing. It was an era for playful fashion that is still popular today.

For many months I have been awaiting to see " The Great Gatsby" as soon as I saw the previews I fall in love. The colours, the party, the fashion it was music to my ears. Last night was my night. Finally the wait was over. I dressed my self in what the american's say to be my sunday best depicting the moods of the 20's era.

That night, I styled myself with a neutral colour palette of whites, browns and pinks. With a vintage brown fur jacket, pink pleated skirt, white shirt and pink over layer I was in for a night of joy. As I accessorised the rest of my look with pearls, a white vintage satchel, cloche and brown lipstick I was ready for a night on the town for my date with the one and only Gatsby.

As the movie began I smiled with joy as I was finally witnessing this amazing story. A story based upon HOPE, obsessive love, empty live and extraordinary wealth brought to you no other then Gatsby him self Leonardo De Caprio. Teen heart throb he was I have to admit he is quit sexy. Filled with romance and despair caught up in seduction through partying booze and show it is a treat for the eyes and mind. It makes feel like getting up and dancing the charleston and drinking the night away.

Gatsby was famous for his parties. Could you blame him? They were truly amazing I  knew I wasn't the only one in the crowd wishing to attend such a dazzling event. But who was to know the booze, the dance the extravaganza was all for his one and only love Daisy played by Carey Mulligan. The love between Gatsby and Daisy was great in the past and bloomed in the future. As they lead a secret relationship which began to show promise but then lead to despair.

This movie truly was an amazing event. Leo and Carey captured their roles very well. My favourite parts would be Daisy's first scene when the curtain are all flying it's so magical and mysterious. I loved the scene where Daisy was lying on the bed at Gatsby's house and he was throwing piles and piles of shirts at Daisy. Some how, it felt magical they were truly happy for those brief seconds in time. The look on Leonardo's face you could just kiss him. OH I WISH....

One of the best part of The Gatsby was COSTUMES..COSTUMES..COSTUMES. I was most excited to see the costume in this movie not just the handsome Leonardo. I couldn't not wait to see the dresses and hats. From drop waistline, layers of  fringing millions of pearl necklaces and cloche hats it captured all fashion of the dazzling 20's very well. 

In Daisy first scene I fell in love, dazzled with opulence wearing a dress with a bodice and huge skirt, this gown was covered in Daisy. I loved how daisy was the kind of girl to be sitting around the the middle of the day wearing a gown for no reason. When she finally attends one of Gatsby's famous parties she enters with beauty wearing a Prada chandelier dress. It was dazzling, decadent and filled with elegance.

This movie reminds me of a song I heard "If You Were The Only Girl In The World". I feel it best depicts the love Gatsby has for Daisy. 
Listen to it as you read my blog or with you lover and it will feel you with warmth and joy.

The message Mr.Gatsby sends you is to always have HOPE! It can lead you to your hearts desires.

Xoxo Hopeful Thinker

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