Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Power of three will set you free

My secrets out for those who are still getting to know me. I'm not just a fashion designer. What you don’t know about me is my obsession with the show CHARMED. For those who don’t know the show Charmed, it is truly an amazing show about 3 sister witches best known as the charmed ones who battle evil on a daily basis. There’s Prue ( Shannen Doherty) with the power of telekinesis and astral projection, Piper (Holly Marie Combs) has the power to freeze time and blow up things with her mind and Phoebe ( Alyssa Milano) who gets premonition and can levitate. Later in the season another sister comes in Paige (Rose McGowan) who can orb and has telekinetic orbing. There’s also Leo (Brian Krause) their white lighter who heals and orbs. I have been watching the hit show since I was 7 and now I’m 21 (that’s right a total of 14 years he he). What can I say, I was in love with the idea of three sister witches’ who had magical powers and why wouldn't I be as a kid who didn't wish they had power. I watched it every week, my friend and I would even play charmed in primary school. We would cast the truth spell on each other and the people we didn’t like they were our demons. As kids we thought it was fun we didn’t know better.

Over the past 14 years as well as watching it weekly, then when it finished having a marathon of all season each year, I began a collection. To this day I own almost every thing charmed from dolls, pillows, cards, folders, magazines, books, autographs, contact paper, prop from the show, jewelry, beanie kid, book of shadows, clothes, calendars and even car seat covers I own it all.

One of my life long dreams since I was a child was to meet THE CHARMED ONES I couldn’t believe it when I found out Paige aka Rose McGowan was coming to Supernova. Was one of the best days Ever, she was so lovely and now knows me as the girl in the yellow dress.

That day I found out two other Charmed ones were going to be at the Comic Con, I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT. My dreams were starting to come true. One of my best friends Mineeka whose been my friend forever, knew how much I love Charmed and brought most of my ticket to get me THE CHARMED EXPERIENCE!!!!!

Since Comic Con started at 9am I had to get up at 5.30 to catch an early train. Waiting in the VIP line to get in I wondered where this day would take me. As I entered I rushed to line up for my signatures. I began with Holly Marie Combs. The nerves set in I started talking to other fanatic’s. As I got to the front I was speechless. I told Holly how I loved Charmed and had been watching it since I was 7 she was so lovely and still baben so was Shannen. As I rushed to the next line to meet Shannen Doherty I was still nervous as to what to say it’s a bit of a blur now feels like a dream. I gave her my business card as well and Holly and told them how I’m an upcoming fashion designer if they ever need anything Shannen wished me luck felt great. Would be amazing to design for the charmed ones one day. Maybe when I'm famous I will for the movie :) c'mon a girl can dream can't she.

I was so nervous with what to say I failed to mention that they're amazing actresses and played the roles really well as the charmed ones. They made my child hood really great and always gave me something to look forward to when life sucked, which as a kid was often. I also wanted to thank them for coming to Australia to make my dream come true.

The day was so busy getting from one line to the other. Next on the list were photographs. I started with Shannen she was so nice. I posed for the shot the photography called me a ray of sunshine cause my dress was bright yellow Shannen agreed, life was swell.

Lining up for my group photo I couldn’t believe I was going to be in the same room as THE CHARMED ONES & THEIR WHITELIGHTER. The feeling was so surreal my smile was huge as I posed for the photo. I thanked them all for the photo and ran with nerves I felt like a kid again.

Still on my list of things to do was my photo with Holly and autograph of Brian. Brian was so very nice. Must say, he was still quite attractive and I was tempted to tell him “ I LIKE YOUR ORBS “
Although if you ever read this Brian, now you now ;)
We had a bit of chat, couldn’t believe sexy. 

At the end of the day last but not least the CHARMED PANEL. I was lucky enough to sit right near the front and got to ask my question first. My question was what their favourite episode in charmed was. Holly’s was Sword In The City and Brian’s was Just Harried. It was great being able to ask them allsorts of questions. I’d even asked them to use their powers on us they all laughed and so did the audience.

The day was a major success.   
I couldn’t believe it sitting here right now it feels so surreal like it was a dream. To Holly, Shannen and Brian I hope you read this one day I just want to thank you for meeting me. I just can’t believe it. I always imagined meeting you all, but for it to really happen... just wow. Thanks for coming all the way to Australia and taking the time to see all your amazing fans and making my dream come true.  Also for being in the show and making it amazing. I will forever watch it, even when I'm old and grey.

Alyssa Milano and Julian McMahon, you're next, once I meet you, my life will be complete :)

              Xoxo Diana "Forever Charmed I'll be"

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