Thursday, 6 March 2014

New York-London-Milan - The fashion issue

New York



It's been a while since my last post. Exciting crazy things have been happening. For now it is a secret you will soon find out. A lot had been happening in the world since my absent. Can you guess?
ahhh...FASHION WEEK..duh travelling all around world!!! 
NEW YORK, LONDON and MILAN all have been hit with fashion fever and it has surely blown my mind. The luxurious fabrics, all the vibrant colours and quirky prints/pattern. 2014 is the year of pure amazement. It was quite hard trying to piece together my favourite designers and outfits from each country my selection came down too this... Although I know there are many many more amazing designs!!!

New York- Betsy Johnson, Rodarte, Marc Jacobs and Libertine
London- House of Holland, Ashish, Meadham Kirchhoff 
and Mary Katrazou
Milan- Au Jour Le Jour, Fausto Puglisi,Gucci, Dsquared and Moshino 

Each collection embodied so much creativity and flair. Betsy Johnson's colour clashes of the night club girl mixed with comfort for a glam rock style was adorable. The bright fun metallic coats of Rodarte are not to be missed this winter season. They're sure to warm your heart. Marc Jacobs brought us vibrant, fun primary colours with a sporty chic feel which we interpreted from the use of worded prints. 
The quirky pattern of Libertine gives another world to get lost in. Everyone knows a girls favourite colour is pink and House of Holland brought in some amazing pink dresses with cinched in waist line a girl could dream of. Oh and we can't forget the sequence number with a crisp white seventies collar which is sure to make a statement, I wish I had it in my closet. Ashish was another label which surrendered to the sanctity of the colour pink which gave us a prom/varsity type feel mixing light up sneakers with baggy jeans and very stylish track suits!!! I'm not usually one to wear a track suit in public, but with Ashish, I'm sure I'll make an exception.

Meadham and Kirchhoff are one of my all time favourite designs, they never cease to amaze me. This season it appears they used my all time inspirational movies to inspire their collection none other then Alice in Wonderland. Using the traditional colours in cards and its patterns they formed together quite interesting dresses to accentuate the female body. Their look with pastel vibe and laces gave us a victorian sense which also appeals to the era of when Alice in Wonderland was made. Mary Katrazou as soon as she hit the fashion world began well known for her prints. This season she brought us nothing more then a range of very colourful clashes of patterns and prints. Her designs were mixed with all sorts of technique from pleats to mixing fabrics manipulation which showed an edging vibe of curiosity.

Au Jour Le Jour showed a great use of vibrant colours. Who said winter coats had to be dark and dreary. How about bright and cheerful as Au Jour Le Jour proudly showed us. I loved the white contrast and how it individualises each look and how it told it's own story.
The futuristic designs of Fausto Puglisi were amazing. I loved the geometric shapes with the mixture of it's well complemented colours. It gave a creative business women with a flair vibe that I'd definitely wear to the office. Gucci Gucci gave me the feels of a sixties/seventies vibe with the fitted waist and flared out hems. We can't forget the pink fur coat I know I can't stop dreaming about it! 

Dsquared reminded me of the costumes in Lost in Space; an old 70's movie which I really dug. I just loved the mixtures in colour and the clean cut look. Moschino has been one of the most talked about, who knew the likings of Sponge Bob Square Pants and take-away/ food packaging would be the source of Mr Jeremy Scott's inspiration. Moschino brought us extravagant creative designs that are wanted by all. With complexity in elegant designs Moschino brought a somewhat casual appeal with the use of its candy wrappers designs, which were very Avant Garde. I feel I could wear it down the street if I were in New York or London which I quite like. It'd be like I wearing a ball gown but I can rock this look anywhere I wanted to.

Design, Fashion, Models just can't get enough at the moment. Next in line Paris fashion week which is happening as we speak. Lets hope one day I'm lucky enough to attend one of these shows or even have my own label in one. That's the dream. 

For now Remember the words of the wise of Coco Chanel

Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway

Enjoy my pretties 

XOXO D. I. A. N. A

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