Wednesday, 3 September 2014

TBT- The one with a hot ball of lava

So as you guys have probably gathered by now I'm a bit of nerd and I'm darn proud. As you can tell from the images above I love Starwars and Lord of the rings and many other Sci-fi/fantasy/anime shows. Supernova is an annual event I love to attend. It's filled with amazing merchandise and you get to meet stars from your favourite films and series what's not to love. Plus everyone dresses in Cosplay which is awesome. I'm yet to do Cosplay, I always run out of time to make something. My Princess Leia fabric is sitting in my fabric stash as we speak! I remember the day to be quite swell, it was mainly based around my sister meeting the cast of Adventure Time. As you can see in the image above she got to meet Jake aka Bender in Futurama ( John Dimaggo) and Finn (Jeremy Shada). I also got to meet them as I waited in line with her...score.My goodies this time round were pretty much Walking Dead based as I love that show and Daryl Dixon CLAIMED haha. So excited only one month to go until it's back on yippee!!! 

I look forward to next years Supernova, I hope Alyssa Milano and Julian McMahon comes oh that would be something!

Hope ya'll have a splendid day 

Xo Diana

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