Sunday, 7 September 2014

The week with fashion - Russian doll

I'm not generally one to post thousands of pictures just of my self, but with an outfit like this I couldn't resist. I needed to show the world. The one thing I pride myself in is styling and putting a look together. This years fashion week I was quite excited to show off my threads. My inspiration this year was 70's bohemian inspired with a mix of russian and french vibes. Being as it was the start of spring, a floral dress was perfect to suit the season as well as beautiful day. The dress was vintage handmade which I paired with a russian styled vintage suede coat. The outfit was accessorised with a mustard beret and clutch. To top off the look I paired it with my oversized cat eye sunglasses which I absolutely adore! 

Tune in to my next post to see the...


Xo Diana

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