Thursday, 15 August 2013

Follow the yellow brick road.....

Since I was a child I have loved The Wizard of Oz. Not sure if it was the amazing magical red ruby slippers, the flying monkeys, beautiful witches or the falling into a wonderful magical land filled with vibrant colours. Everything put together made a brilliant spectacular film. Although as a child I use to be scared of the scene where they'd sing LIONS AND TIGERS AND BEARS OH MY, then the lion jumps out. It scared the hell out of me, I'd hide behind the couch.  I conquered my fears long ago and can actually watch it now as a 21 year old.

THE WIZARD OF OZ it's fashion and Technicolor is truly amazing. I just love the costume design!!!! With a a fitted upper bodice  to accentuate the waist and a flow of fullness with baby blue checked gingham pattern this dress just shouts innocence, beauty,sophistication with a hint of a play. I'm tempted to make a replica and wear it in my everyday life. The ruby slippers are to die for. I'm sure I was not the only little girl who'd kill for a pair. To this day I am a proud owner of a ruby slippers inspired platform I call them my Dorothy shoes.

Glinda the good witch-her costume was, is, will forever be the picture of beauty. The tulle, the fullness, the magic, and over exaggerated sleeves all poured into a black cauldron  create a magical fantasy of good masked in beauty trumping over evil

I'm not really one to shop in regular clothing store but this one day I peered into the Peter Alexander window. I smiled in excitement as there was a new line of THE WIZARD OF OZ sleepwear. I went into the store and had a look. I was amazed with all the silk pictures from the motion picture to die for it was. Although it was sleepwear I saw it as regular day wear or evening wear. A month or so later I went back and there was a new collection out OZ was no more. I was shattered. Around two weeks ago my mum came across the collection online. I was happy once again.Now I just needed an occasion to wear it!

It was one of my besties birthdays a week ago what better occasion then to wear my new outfit. A night of cold bevies, gal pals and ripping the dance floor with killer moves it was one not to be missed.
To my lovely Gemmi with a H I hope you had a grand night and wish you the Happiest Birthday <3<3<3

Well  that's the juice from my sugary life I leave you with the message
"There's no place like home"
 quoted by the one and only Dorothy Gale

Xoxo Diana. D

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