Thursday, 29 August 2013

Girls just wanna have fun!!!

As much as I don't love to be labelled a girly girl, sometimes, I very well am. And why not be proud of it. I am a girl for pete's sake. One thing that girly girl's and I have in common, is our love to SHOPPPP!!!

Uh, I mean, I like shopping.
Is there anything so wrong with that?
I mean, stores are put there to enjoy.
Uh, the experience is enjoyable.
Well, more than enjoyable.
It's... It's beautiful.
The sheen of silk,
draped across a mannequin.
Oh, the smell of
new Italian leather shoes.
Italian leather shoes, that's the best.
Oh... The rush you feel
when you swipe your card.
And it's approved.
And it all belongs to you!
These are the Confessions of a shopaholic <3

The place to be, was melbourne. One hop, skip and train ride and I was there. A day filled with shopping, swiping and a quick but long stop to my favourite cafe, I was in heaven.

I was so super excited to finally get the chance to wear my vintage pleated dress. I had purchased it quite some time ago, finally. It was time to embrace the moment in it. Paired with my white t-bars accessorised with a cloche hat, white vintage bag and sunnies topped off with red lipstick. I was ready to shop.

Lunch from my favourite cafe Green's

Magazine for the train ride

Even though our credit card bills are high, we ban ourselves from shopping, freeze the card on ice and almost cry because we can not fit another single thing in our wardrobe. Remember we're only human AND WILL never stop shopping because' GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sOOO lets listen to the wise words of the MISS CYNDI LAUPER

xoxo Diana

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