Thursday, 5 September 2013

My week with fashion pt 1- Runway

There comes a time, one week in a year, where a so called pack of BEAUTIFUL women walk a stage with poise and sophistication. This stage is called a RUNWAY. This event is Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. A week filled with art, beauty, passion, sophistication and fun. A week of inspiration modelled on the female and male body. This true work of art is fashion. Fashion is many kinds of things. It can be the draping, twisting, moulding of fabric on the human body.

I was quite excited for fashion week. But knowing me, at the last minute I decided to buy tickets to a runway show to see with one of my bestie's, Gemma. Getting front row balcony seats proved to be quite excellent. The view was great at Melbourne town hall. The RUNWAY was no.2. It consisted of the following designers Alice McCall,Christina Exie, LIFE with Bird, Livia Arena, Manning Cartell, Neo Dia, Tettmann. Doust and YB J'Aime. I was most excited for Alice McCall, as I love her colourful work of embroidery in design.

Prior to the fashion event, I pondered the thought "What does one wear to a fashion show??" One must be stylish, different with a touch of sophistication and poise finished off with a large dollop  of vibrant colours and craziness. I had the perfect outfit in mind. The dress was a mixture between 20's dropped waist line with pleats and a modern 50's house wife in a floral wonderland. With a matching floral belt to cinch in the waist, it was a look to put a smile on your face. One of my great vintage finds it was. Paired with polka dot socks in a similar colour pallet, it gave a rather feminine but playful, stylish look. The shoes were one of my fav's I came across on Ebay. I just loved how this made the white flowers in the dress pop. With a white vintage clutch to accessorise the look, it was set to hit the runway.

As my best gal pal and I headed to Melbourne with an unexpected dinner to start the night "I giggle as I write this." We were ready for the show. Entering town hall, we were asked to pose for a competition. The aim was to look as revolting as possible. This was what we came up with..............................................

Disgusting right? Lets hope we won the car :P


The lights went out. Four people dressed in white lycra body suits ascended on stage. They began performing an interpretative like dance, it was quite interesting.

The runway began with Manning Cartell

The mini skirts are back and I love it.

Livia Arena

I just loved this out fit above. The light blue colour was fresh for summer. It was nice and flowy. A look you could dress up or down.

LIFE with BIRD (photo from msfw)

I'm a sucker for jumpsuits. The second I SAW THIS I WAS IN LOVE. I love how it accentuates the curves of the female body. The belt gives it the perfect touch by showing off the waist and contrasts well with the heels.

Tettmann Doust

This outfit went together very well. I really liked the drape of the top and pant. It appeals perfect for the summer time look and is great dressed up with heels.

Alice McCall

Alice McCall is one to never disappoint. Her fun use of bright, pastel colours and light weight fabrics are perfect for the summer time. I just loved the floral embroidery and contrast of colours.

Neo Dia

I throughly enjoy the key whole neck line. It gives a sexy look. I loved the contrast of black with silver  and how it makes the electric blue pop a very classy and edge design.

Yb J'Aime

Mesh appears to be a big thing coming into trends these past couple months. Seeing it on runway gave it more of a beach resort vibe. I love the high slit which it more sexy appeal.

Christina Exie

The final piece for the show was Christina Exie amazing metallic mayhem. I just loved the peplum train and the shine upon the fabric it gives quite the entrance. Any woman would love this spring summer.

The runways were amazing. The drape of the fabric across the body, the flow of it as they walked the runway, awwww fashion, it's what I live for!!! It left me with the notions that this spring summer holds for us, is a colour palette of white, black, green and blue. Geometric shapes are coming back in as well, as well as the clean cut look of sheer sophistication.

The evening was great and now fashion week was almost over, with one more event left to go on my schedule. I will tell you all about it in next weeks post. For now I leave you with the wise words of
Ms Coco Chanel

I'm not in fashion, I am fashion

Xoxo Diana.D

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