Sunday, 15 September 2013

My week with fashion pt 2- Twiggy 66

As fashion week was ending, I had one last event I was longing to attended which was the viewing on the big screen TWIGGY 66!

Putting together my last and final outfit for fashion week, I was really excited. As the event was during the day, I was feeling the vintage school girl type vibe. I came up with this. One of my favourite dresses, a pleated vintage dress paired with brown socks to match the dress. Accessorised with Zu brogues and a vintage tan belt to break up the pattern then finished with a cute backpack to match the belt. It was the perfect image of 21 year old school girl, which I QUITE ENJOYED PLAYING.

The 60's, it was an era when fashion for the youngsters was of most importance. It was a time when young people decided to rebel, THEY DIDNT WANT TO DRESS LIKE THEIR MOTHERS OR FATHERS. Those who started to dress differently and rebel were called MOD's. It was defined as being trendy, hip and unique. Youngster wanted to look different and listen to the rhythm in Blues. A time for change in music and the way you look through fashion thats what being a mod was all about.Twiggy was one of these MOD'S.

She was named THE FACE OF "66".Well known for being the first international supermodel and fashion icon of the 60's. Girls to this very day are still inspired by her beauty and androgynous stylings. Famous for her boyish look and androgynous sex appeal she was not like the typical model. Twiggy was unique unlike the models of the time. She was too small and too short. That's what made her more desirable. Before and during early 60's models were know for showing no emotion or laughter and were said to look like a horse. Twiggy showed a charm that characterised all of these emotions (except looking like a horse). She always did the opposite to what the world wanted. I think thats what made her so iconic to this very day.

 Not only did Twiggy model all around the world, she became famous for launching her own TWIGGY LINE in 1967. Quite depressing when you think about it, what I'd do to have a label at the age of 16-17. Her label was designed for her own age group. Being a teen this worked very well for her as she knew what girls her age wanted.

She retired her modelling career as she said " You can't be a coat hanger your whole life".When the 60's ended she moved into the film industry where she starred in her first debut "The Devils" and then "The Boyfriend".

Twiggy 66 was quite inspiring movie about a girl who rose to fame from the attitudes of being different and not giving a damn of what the world wanted you to do or act. The 60's was an era of swinging London. It appeared to be a great time which I wish I lived in. Oh the clothing stores "Grandma takes a trip", oh how I'd love to take a trip back in time to GRANDMAS and gaze into the colourful world of art, music and fashion.

I just loved how you could take a walk in the park and bump into Mick Jagger or The Beatles, they were simpler times.

But for now I think I'll just wait until a time machine is invented. In the mean time, I will continue to dress retro and listen to The Beatles or The Stones reliving those true 60's vibes.

I leave you with the words of the legendary JOHN LENNON

“If someone thinks that peace and love are just a cliche that must have been left behind in the 60s, that's a problem. Peace and love are eternal.” 

Xoxo Diana

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