Sunday, 22 September 2013

Hail Miss Queen of Cool

It girl of the year, modelling from Yves Saint Laurent to Fendi to DKNY and most recently Mulberry, Cara Develinge sure has made a splash in the eyes of our fashion world. Those well defined eyebrows, eyes like a hawk and with that look of "I don't care" plastered across her face, she is one to make a roar to fashions high elite society. Bringing her straight to the top, giving her the title 'QUEEN OF COOL'. Said to be a little ball of energy and bursting sunshine, once using animalistic trait's onset to let loose. With facial expressions that put regular girls like my self to tears (just kidding haha) Cara's not one to mess with. Her attitudes to life, brings her to making her own rules like rocking up to a photo shoot in pj's and not giving a damn what anyone thinks. Very fond of her british heritage, she shows off her roots through her tattoo "made in england" on her foot. Here to take the world by surprise which she surely already has, she's here to stay and make a stand. Move over Kate Moss, The new girls in town and she's here to stay!!!!!

Even some one as beautiful and flawless as Cara Develinge can still look gorgeous acting silly, it just       shows even models are only human!

Always remember " Beauty is not caused, it is" quoted by Emily Dickinson

Xoxo Diana

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