Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The era of the 90's

For quite sometime in the year of 2013, it has been brought to my attention the trends of the generation Y we call the 90's are back on the market. From the famous halter neck to the sheer appearance of mesh , this year we are prone to notice these fashion styles on the street. All though you could say the 90's always do tend to be in as the famous grunge  trend is just the way of life and the way youngsters feel to express there emotional anguish or even happiness. Well we talk about the so called trends, lets reminisce about the hit 90's shows that gave us the inspiration to dress they way we did, talk the way and even think the way they did.

From Clueless, Daria, The nanny, 10 things I hate about you and Save by the Bell we were lucky enough to have such rad shows to get us through the 90's school days. As Cat Steven say "remember the days of the old school yard we use to laugh a lot, don't you remember the days of the old school yard".

Clueless was and is one of my favourite movies, the fashion I just loved. I just adored Cher's Yellow suit, that when I went to China two years ago I had one made exactly alike.
I call it my Clueless suit, you'll see me wearing it in post to come here is a 
sneak peak

The Nanny what I'd do to have her entire wardrobe seriously its amazing the colour, the vintage, the designer oh my lord its just not fair!!!!!

OH........ and we can't forget the famous girls that everyone wanted to be included my self, we even played them in primary school. THE SPICE GIRLS. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who played that game, every one wanted to be Baby Spice.

Well what can I say about the 90's, it was a rad era known for it's neon colours, leggings, the sporty look, mesh, halter necks and the famous grunge era. It has always been a trend. Although even more so  in the year twenty thirteen which has brought it forward, its been an inspiration for many designers/ label's. I shall continue to wear it when I like and dress to what era best depicts my mood and occasion.

I bid you farewell with a quote from the great Kurt Cobain

"Were so trendy we can't even escape ourselves"

Xoxo Diana. D

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