Tuesday, 22 October 2013

It's SHOW time !!!

It comes a time in special small towns where an exciting event is held for the towns folk to enjoy. There are laughs, many smiles and bellies full of cotton candy. This magical event is called a Show/Carnival. Growing up in a small town since there isn't as much to do, but when an event like this comes about you just have to go. When I was older enough as a child to go to the show, my family began the tradition of attending the great Geelong show. As a child I'd love looking at all the animals, getting my face painted, eating corn dogs, riding the merry go round, jumping on the jump castle and how can I forget the show bags!!! They were filled with delicious  treats, fun knick knacks and all sort of costumes which I loved. Not much has changed now being a 21 year old so maybe I'm not a big fan of the animals but I do love CORN DOGS!! 

The day was beautiful, nice and sunny. I wore a vintage shirt tired up with a cute thrift store netball skirt. To top off the look I felt like it was a jelly shoes type of day which went well with my smiley face 666 backpack which I'm in love with and my 90's shades. 

Theres just something magical when it comes to rides. Not sure if it's the house of mirrors that make you look from big to small, the fun house that leads you to a rotating tunnel to a pit full of colourful balls or the clowns that want you to fill them with balls and the ducks you have to decide between which will give you the giant bears. It"s all full of excitement and adventure.  

I was lucky enough to take a ride of the Ali Baba. The ride swings you around in the air like a rotating clock. Having eaten a corn dog right before I went on wasn't the best idea and having a slight occasional fear of heights didn't mix well together. Could have almost lead to disaster but I survived haha!!

As I continue to grow old. The show I feel will grow as I do. Being a tradition in my family for many years it has very well become a tradition of my own. I shall continue to attend until I'm grey and old in which ever country or town I'm in at the time.

 So remember adventure is not inside the man, it is within, so create some adventure of your own and follow your traditions on magical journey to your wonderland.

Xoxo Diana