Sunday, 27 October 2013


It's the end of the world as we know it!!!! And you know what that means....ARMAGEDDON!!!! Last weekend was QUITE eventfull, as you guys know from my previous post I went to the show. The following day I had Armageddon, for you guys who don't know what armageddon is, it's a cool event where people can dress up in cos play, meet awesome sci-fi celebrities from movies and series, buy amazing Sci-fi merchandise, play games and just have a jolly good time.

As I have been a pretty busy girl at the moment doing creative stuff you will soon find out about :) I had no time to make a costume. However I was originally planing to go as Princess Leia from Star Wars. One day it's gonna happen guys! Being as the day was very hot this is the look I came up with. What better atmosphere was there then Armageddon to witness my Snow White dress with Cat heads!!! To give it a slight anime cross between Harajuku girl look I matched it with classic white tee-bars mixed with white and yellow polka dot socks to tie into cat snow whites dress. Accessorised with my favourite white oversized 60's sunnies and vintage white bag. It was a outfit set to give me a stylish but still nerdy look which you guys now no I am :)

The day began with a casual run in with Queen Amedala, followed by being held up by storm troopers and a not so awkward hug with Darth Vader. Things were going rather swell so far.

I quite enjoyed the elderly Biff chilling in the time machine and the statues of the mask. My Favourite dress ups would have to be Breaking Bad- Walter White and Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World. Absolutely loved them!!!!

The one great thing about ARMAGEDDON was the merchandise. So much Star Wars memorabilia, I was in heaven!!! From loads of comic books, bobble heads, plush toys, dolls and drawings plus many more things, they had it all.

I was even lucky enough to have meet Pippin from Lord Of The Rings. Such a babe!!! The day was exhausting I left with a Star Wars lunch box, Vintage Indiana Jones and a Batman bobble head. Just as I thought the day was a success until next year. But next time for sure I shall dress up.

I leave you with the message as a major Star Wars fan

"May the force be with you"

Xo Diana

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