Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Great Race

Since the dawn of time, the racing of ones man self on a horse whilst competing with others has proven to be quite the form of entertainment. This tradition dates back to the BC days in the Greek Olympics. It was considered a sport and a game where crowds would form around to view this competitive sport as entertainment, where they can laugh, carry on, drink and bet to there hearts content. Every one who was anyone would gather around and view the excellent horsemanship.
Some would result in a massive win and others with the loss of their weekly pay check. Like I always say " You win some you lose some".

When it comes to the races men go to have a bet and drink, but us women go to show the world our fashion. It's all about the fashion on the field. Each women out there competing against one another with who has the best look. The year 1962 is when it all began, a competition was put together for women, to entice more to come to the cup. As you can see many years later this enticing worked, as many women love to attend the cup.

This traditions has carried on for many years, Australia loves a good race. The most common races around the areas I am from are The Geelong Cup, Melbourne Cup, Oaks Day, Derby day and Ballarat Cup. This list could go on forever! This year last minute as per usual, a great friend of mine asked me to attend The Geelong Cup. I said yes obviously, pretty excited mostly for the fashion. The one part I just love about the cup, checking out all the outfits and the fashions on the field!

Since it was a little last minute, I had thought of making a dress but ran out of time unfortunately. I decided I definitely wanted something vintage. Riffling through my mother's wardrobe I came across this beautiful delight. . A vintage pastel coloured dress with a fitted bodice featuring a frilled neck line and a full skirt. It gave me a 50s/60's housewife vibe, although I did feel like a fairy princess cross between fairy floss. To my surprise my mother had a vintage floral head piece to match the look. I accessorised the rest of the look with my vintage shell clutch, white stilettos and white gloves to give it a more race kind of vibe. Oh and I can't forget my 60's twiggy shades to finish off the look when the sun did come out.

The day turned out to be pretty swell apart from the rain. Beginning with fashion on the fields we tested out the catwalk to see if we had what it took to win. As it began to rain afterwards, we took refuge in a viewing room where we could watch the races, have a drink, a gossip and a laugh. Ending the day by placing a bet, I came pretty close to winning some molla, if only I bet both ways. Although my bestie  Gemma was lucky enough, her horse made first place.

The day was a hit even thought it rained. Until next years races, maybe next time I shall try the Melbourne cup. I leave you with a message from Saint Augustine in theme of the race

"Will is to grace as the horse is to the rider"

Xo Diana


  1. You looked so lovely! Pictures are great x

  2. Thanks sugar,it was a great day apart from the rain xo