Tuesday, 26 November 2013

With a Capitol C


"Happy Hunger Games and may the odds forever be in your favour"

The premier of the Hunger Games Catching Fire took place last week. I was lucky enough to attend the prescreening at the pictures after a long wait it proved to be quite excellent. I just couldn't get enough of the fashion!!!

The story goes...
Two worlds one poor with 13 districts until the uprising, now only 11 stand. They are the hunters and gatherers that make the existence of the other world possible. World two is filled with laughter, fun, craze, fascination and illumination were anything can happen. A world called
Panem destination to be..

Its all about looks, painted faces, glamour and sparkle. Who can out do the next persons look is their goal. Style and fashion is of most importance. People of the Capitol are commonly known for tattooing and dying their bodies bright colours to stand out. They would even go as far as plastic surgery to change their appearance. Capitol residence are known wearing multi coloured wigs.  I wouldn't mind living in a world of wigs. However their known for drinking a liquid which makes you vomit so you can eat more food which I don't condone.

They live the lives of the extremely wealthy from the rich exquisite food, to not having to work, their lives move around slowly until the day of the festive games. Games of brutality where they bet, grow fond over victors and laugh about the blood shed of each victor.

With High fashion, Bold, Futuristic, mind blowing alluring designs we were not let down by the brilliant styling and designing of Costume Designer Trish Summerville's.
Pairing together with Director Francis Lawrence  to come up with the looks they decided to make Catching Fire fashion richer and dark to reflect the sequels mood.

The outrageous fashion is what makes makes people of The Capitol so alluring to myself. Ms Effie Trinket and her courageous fashion is what caught my eye the most in Catching Fire. Ms Trinket costumes were made in a way to show feeling. They were hard to walk in and hard to breathe. It was said they were made this way to show and reflect her discomfort she might be feeling during the children in the reaping.

All I could think of when I saw Effies costumes was Alexander McQueen and right I was. The high end fashion of Ms trinket was quite excellent and mind blowing. I'd just love to live in a world where I could wear high end fashion day by day!

Having said Ms Trinkets fashion was by far the best.What I cannot and never will forget was the dress we all had been waiting for Ms Katniss Everdeen's
Wedding dress.
Absolutely beautiful it was, made with excellent craft man ship by Indonesian designer Tex Saverio. Decorated with 25 pounds of Swarovski crystal featuring a metal bodice layered with silks it was a wedding dress to be envyed by all. The way the dress burned into the mockingjay pure genius it was such a great moment in the movie such pride and passion.

All round I believed the fashion to be without a doubt amazing I give it two solid thumbs up as well as the overall movie. I hope to design and create clothing as magical, quirky and crazy as the great Trish Summerville!!!

I leave you will the great worlds of Alexander McQueen

"I want people to be afraid of the women I dress"

Xo Diana

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