Sunday, 1 December 2013

Lets get engaged

This weekend I attended an engagement party. It was a friend of my sister's. As I am of European decent,  I get quite excited for engagements and wedding. The fine foods, the wedding dress, the judging of outfits followed by music and dance (whats not to love). I haven't attended many Aussie engagements as both sides of my family are Macedonian. I was quite excited to see what was in-store for us! 

The one thing I love about engagements is dressing up. Now our Macedonian ones, we usually dress more formal, so I had to have a think about what to wear. I have been dying to wear my mother's vintage black and gold lurex jacket for years!!!!!!! I just hadn't had the occasion too wear it. I thought what better place then an engagement party. I felt like a 80's retro business woman with style and slight Madonna inspirations.

The look consisted of
Jacket/blouse- Mother Vintage Jacket 80's
Skirt- Tulled fairy skirt from Tar-jay
Clutch- Mother vintage mesh purse
Shoes- Baba's vintage shoes (which I adore!)

The night proved to be quite a hit, filled with drinks and many many laughs. The newly engaged seemed quite happy. I send a big congratulations out their way and leave all true love believers with a message 

"True love is the souls recognition of its counterpoint in another"

So don't give up, your true love is still out there

Xo Diana

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