Sunday, 8 December 2013

The diary of a festival addict

As the wind begins to blow, and the hot air rises, we see the sun, unlike we have seen it before. The streets are full with laughter. The call of the beach can't be stopped.The sunshines on your face, leads you to embrace.The feeling of the SUMMERTIME!!!!!!!!!

Summer time marks the beginning of festival season. My favourite season of all not only because it's Christmas time but because its the time were great musician are put together in the one place at the one time to appear in an event called a FESTIVAL. I don't know what it is about this season that get's my adrenaline going, every festival addict would know the feeling I'm talking about! I've come to the conclusion with the mixture of friends, dancing, surrounding your self with great music, laughter and drinks it truly makes such a surreal atmosphere and day you will never forget. I just can't forget the atmosphere, it's an amazing feeling just being in a place surrounded by music for just those couple of hours/days your trapped in a alternate universe were nothing matters and everything is right in the world it's a great feeling.

Being regular festival goer from the age of 16 and now I'm 21, I've racked up quite a number of festivals under my belt. They've come with many life lessons and experiences that I'd never trade. Oh the stories I have, they'd leave you saying "what the"? I love all kinds of music so I have attended quiet a variety of festivals  from Grazzhopper, Meredith Music Fest, Big Day Out, Soundwave, Festivus for the rest of us, Future, Stereosonic, Summerdayze, Laneway and So Frenchy So Chic. I've experienced quite a few different genres and have visited the some of the same festivals at least 5 times. I will be attending two new ones next year to add to the list; Rainbow Serpent and Golden Plains which I can't wait for. Next week I shall be attending Meredith Music Festival, which is a 3 day camping event for you guys who don't know. I am really excited as it's my 6th year going and its by far my favourite music festival to go to!!!!!!!! I shall tell you all about my adventures next week!!!!!

For now I leave you with a message... 

Everyone should experience a festival at least once in there life, otherwise 
you haven't lived at all!!!!

Xo Diana

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