Monday, 16 December 2013

Meredith Pt 1- live through the experience

From the age of 16, my friend and I began a tradition, And this tradition was called
A tradition that originated from the idea of man named Greg Peele telling his friend Chris Nolan that we should party in the bush where everyone stays the night and wakes up the next day and does it again. Chris Nolan just so happened to have the perfect place "the family farm".

The first Meredith was held with 200 friends with a mixture of fun, music, a weekend away from modern life and beautiful natural environment. It was the perfect combination.
Meredith happened again the following year and the following year and so forth.
This so called party turned into a phenomenal event which has been running for 23 years!!!! 

I have been attending Meredith Music Festival since 2008 when I was 16 years old. I was quite young and naive back then. This was the year of the big rain fest! Being as this was the first time I attended MMF, I was a little unprepared!!!!

I will never forget how I told my parent I was going to stay at a friends house for 3 days, but really I was going MEREDITH. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made, since I'm now 21 and have just attended my 6th MMF. It's a tradition I will never stop. From having your tent fly away to sinking in metres of mud, breaking your finger with a vortex, making friends, getting free beer, being the king of totem tennis, dancing like a crazy person, getting appendices, putting on a mexican show down, getting married, running a round with dinosaur head and screaming I'm the lizard Queen. It is a Festival not to be missed with many great memories and fun crazy stories you will cherish for life!!!!

This year was my friend and I's 6th MMF. We were quite excited as it's the highlight of our year. Each year we come a little more prepared then the next. We finally invested in buying a real good tent compared to all the tents we have previous used! The build up was crazy, all week I had Meredith fever and couldn't kick the fever until the big day. We decided to leave earlier this year as we got caught in traffic last year unfortunately it still took us 3 hours to get in due to the traffic hold up. But it was a small price to pay once we got in.

Taking a while to find our camping spot, we found an area right on A Shady Lane. It was perfect for our group and location to the stage. Pitching our tent and having a cold one, I couldn't help feeling the weekend ahead would be pretty amazing. The friday activities included lunching, drinking, checking out the bands Warped, DD Dumbo (photo above), Deer Hunter (photo above), eating, Melvins followed by more drinking and a round of totem tennis and Brian Jonestown Masscare. The day was quiet rad having danced up many storms and listening to great bands.

As well as attending MMF for the music, the two others things I cannot get enough of are; putting my looks together and observing the crowds courageous fashion looks!!!

My first day I decide to wear my favourite vintage rainbow patch shirt and paired it with thrift store boots. I love how Meredith is a place to express who you are! The way people dress makes me feel like I'm in HEAVEN!! The creativity, the colour, the craze, the individuality, the difference and the unique Avant Garde nature. It's a surreal atmosphere to be around! 

It was truly mid blowing I couldn't help but take pictures of everyone and their amazing vibrant looks. One of the key looks I found was the overalls and jelly flats which I find quite mainstream now and not so much a fan anymore. I did find a guy in colourful floral suit which I loved, followed by crazy capes and psychedelic patterned jackets, the courageous outfits are never one to let you down.

The fashion continued to impress as the the next day arose as well as the bands!!!! 
Stay tuned in my next blog for my post on day 2

But for now, remember... 

Life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards 

Xo Diana

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