Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Meredith Pt.2 The birth of the Lizard Queen

Day two Meredith; 

Began with a coconut and ended with the Lizard Queen. It
was filled with the acts by Ballarat Brass Band, MAC DEMARCO, The Bamboos, Hermitude, Spiderbait, Chic f.t Nile Rodgers and Tranter. I danced up quite the storm to Hermitude, and loved the voices of lead singers in The Bamboos! 

The fashion of this day was even more wild then the day/night before. There were packs of people in neon themed latex outfits which appeared to be dressed like superheroes. I came across a group of batman's as well as a variety of people dressed as galah's for this was meredith's themed animal mascot.

I was most excited for this day as I choose to were my high priestess dress (thats what I call it). I came across this dress in savers in melbourne. It was originally floor length with the hem trim around the side. I altered to fit my style/body better. I was quite impressed with the turn out. I just admire the pastel embroidery around the neck line. I paired the dress with my clear boots with pale pink laces and matched it with pink frilly socks.

To top the look off as the night progressed, I began the transformation into "THE LIZARD QUEEN"!!!
I beaded my face with rainbow and pink beads added a vail and light up staff and bam I was born again!!!!!

I loved the night dancing and flashing my staff all over the place.
Meredith once again proved to be quiet amazing as per usual
Until next year
I shall be waiting another 
365 days!!!

But for now, I shall continue the festival season at Rainbow, Laneway and Golden Plain
I hope you enjoy your festivals
and remember 
A life lived unexplored is a life not worth living
So live the adventure 

Xo Diana

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