Monday, 6 January 2014

Tis the season to be Jolly

Sreken Bozhik

Its been a while since my last post with the holiday season upon us and with the new year embracing our presence haven't had the chance to write. This post I dedicate to my Macedonian heritage.
Sreken Bozhik, translated in english is Merry Christmas. The 7th of January marks that day of Macedonian Christmas. As I am Macedonian and Australian my family and I celebrate the Christmas twice. Your probably wondering does that mean I get twice the amount of presents... ? The answer to that is no (I wish haha). We celebrate them both somewhat the same way. The Macedonian Christmas is much like the Aussie, we wish everyone a Sreken Bozhik and then have a feast of a fabulous european Christmas Dinner prepared by our Baba in the pleasure of her nice clean house which I quite enjoy :)

As for the Aussie Christmas it goes a little like this

Wake up early and open presents

A turtle dove my Mum made my sisters and I when we were kids

Here's this years Christmas Loot, got a little spoilt but gave a lot of great presents my self

Next step was getting dressed in nice clothes my mother calls it haha

Then it's off to Baba's house for lunch (the feast was quite delicious)

After lunch we try to fit in desert which is my Baba's famous Baklava (its amazing!!!!!!!! by the way)

The evening ends with looking at some Christmas lights and the watching of Christmas movies

This years Christmas proved to be quite swell, one of the best Christmas's I've had. I look forwards to having Christmas Dinner tonight at my Baba's. I hope your Christmas's were as great as mine :)
But for now I leave you with a 
Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good night

Xo Diana

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