Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Over the Rainbow Pt 2

Taking a journey through the rainbow came to lead to mysterious adventures. Today I was most excited to dance and final wear my DI$COUNT UNIVERSE halter that I brought 6 months ago!!!  Day two amongst the magical serpent began with an explosion of overwhelmed minds. My friend and I frolicked through stalls of amazing goods ranging from hand made leather bags, happy pants, crystals, crazy dolls and all sort of clothing. Who knew this event would hold such amazing items! Unfortunately I was a bit short of the mola, but left with some kick arse overalls and happy pants. 

From sheer exhaustion in shopping for a couple of hours with our indecisive minds we took a lunch break and had some delicious hamburgers. Taking a stroll and seeking the new adventures day 2 had in store for us, we found a couch with cool art work and surprisingly got so relaxed we feel asleep. During the whole trip the one thing I could think about was drinking from a fresh coconut. After the nana nap it was time to feel rejuvenated. When strolling to find the coconut stand I came across a merry go round made on bikes. That night we came back to the merry go round and took a ride. It was amazing, it went so fast you had to hold on for your dear life as you felt like you were about to hurl or ride off!!! That was quite the surprise of the day but I can't forget the flame throwers. They were truly amazing, the first show I have ever seen. I just don't get how they can touch the fire and eat it with out burning themselves... one of life's mysteries.

The day ended with a mythical dance and a rush of killer energy, was excited to see what day 3 had 

You can read my next post to find out

Xo Diana

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