Sunday, 12 January 2014

So Frenchy So Chic


The sun was out, there was laughter and dance summer was in there air. They called it So frenchy so chic. A fun filled day with the surrounds of french music, dance, food and wine. I was quite excited for the event as I had such an amazing time last year. The outfit of the day was my thrifts store gypsy dress, belt and bag paired with target shoes and sunhat. I really wanted to capture a relaxing day and give off a frenchy/gypsy vibe which I think I pulled off well with some modern appeals of my oversized 60's glasses ( I really cant go anywhere with out them haha).

So frenchy so chic is a tiny place you can call France for just one day. With the perfect setting at the Werribee mansion the beautiful garden and grass creates a splendid atmosphere for everyone to share.
 It's a lovely day to bring you friends and family to pull up a picnic rug and have a fancy feast fit for the french. This year was my second year attending this lovely event. It is a great getaway the atmosphere is truly sensational. With the sunny sky, walking bear foot, dancing on the grass and all the cheeses you can it is an event not to be missed. This years french music acts were Lily Wood and the prick, Fefe, Babylon circus and Edward Deer. My most favourite act had to be Fefe he really new how to get the crowd going his music just set the mood and made you want to dance. The crowd was wild even grandmothers were getting there groove on which was a one of a kind sight to see. There were little kid dancing with there parent which was pretty cute it really was a event for all to cherish. The food was delicious you could order a mixture of french foods from cheese platter, baguettes, crepe, creme bulee, calamari and macrons there was quiet the mixture. This year my friend Hanni and I brought in a delicious picnic hamper which was filled with cheese, dips, bread, cracker and antipastos it was divine. We had also order cute lunch boxes with baguettes, pate, gherkins, potato salad and desert there were very delicious. The day was amazing I truly loved it, was great to dance, relax and have a picnic. I'm quiet excited for next years as I'm sure it will be just as fun as the last or even better.

Au Revoir 
for now 

La Joie De Vivre

Xo Diana

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