Thursday, 21 November 2013

The dynamic duo strikes the top

The dynamic duo strikes again!!!! UK fashion designers Meadham and Kirchhoff have made quite the splash for over 10 years in the fashion world. Well known for capturing the bitter sweet world of fashion. Their quirky, vibrant rather feminine and eccentric designs, this pair is never one to let you down! My most favourite collection from the dynamic duo would be there 2012 S/S, which is quite amazing. I will tell you about it in another post. Their most recent collection came out today in Topshop. Having already collaborated and produced 3 other collections for TopShop they proved to be quite popular. Although a few have said to name their collection TopShop on Crack. I however found it quite bewitching with a Wiccan type vibe, to me it was like a witch on acid which I loved. 

This collection was based around the concept of an imaginary 80's glam rock band called The Cherry's. It was said all members of the band Cherry Cherie, Cherry Santanika, Cherry Pikka and Cherry Blossom were the type of girls the duo Ed and Ben created to base around their personalities, styles and traits in life. The overall aesthetics were influenced by Marylyn Manson and The Spooky kids, Kembra Pfahler and Glam Rock.

Put together with a mixture of soft lavishing fabrics this collection embodies a feeling of youth Wicca envy, pastel infusion and a sweet heart intension. It's a collection not to be missed if your a grand lover of Meadham Kirchhoff. Although this collection is not as crazy as what we're used to they created a great range for a more affordable price in the Topshop market level.

The Cherry's personality embodies a collection ranging from soft luxurious coloured Mongolian fur's, bright angora monster faced sweater, short pastel youthful frill filled dresses, croqueted rainbow knit and the pentagram featured on a Wicca inspired garments.

I personally quite enjoyed this collection, I love the mixture of fabrics and the vibrance of bright rainbow colours. The Wicca inspiration I found quite unique and bewitching in a great way, my overall opinion is ...........................

Once again Meadham and Kirchhoff have done it again. Hopefully I may be able to save for a piece of this great collection!

"It is an enormous and all encompassing collection which will offer a myriad of choice for any customer to adapt or reject as they see fit" 
said by Ben and Ed 

Xo Diana


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