Saturday, 16 November 2013

We like to party, We like, We like to party

A trip to Melbourne town was on the agenda for this weekends festivities. It was an old friend of mine from High School birthday party and what better way to celebrate then a good old fashioned house party surrounded by your closest friends and the seduction of alcohol. The trip began early as my gal pal Gem and I caught the train from our small town. As we arrived to our final stop after taking another train to our destination,knowing us we were going the wrong way making our walk/journey that 5 minutes longer. Finally arriving at our destination which was easy to find due to the balloons at the front "thanks Elly" we could finally relax and kick back. The party was a hit. We made some new friends, had a good fashion Aussie BBQ, went for an adventure to get some booze followed by a quick getaway to a local party although that was cut short since I believe the parents didn't like us slightly drunk young adults playing in a party. It was great catching up with an old friend plus having a good old gossip sesh with my bestie the day was a success as was my out fit that I got quite a few compliments on! There's nothing I love best then putting a look together. I was in the childlike alternative unique type of mood. I'd been dying to wear my smile boobs tops and pair it with my amazing new accessories from the label Cut throat on the street. The look went a little like this

Shirt: Men's shirt target
Top: Cool place Online
Skirt: Thrift store old netball skirt
Bag: Cool Place Online
Shoes: Target (do you believe it)
Sock: kids target
Sunglasses: Customised Cut throat on the street
Ring: Cut throat on the street

Your probably thinking man this girl love target but I don't actually usually shop there let alone buy from anywhere but thrift stores and vintage stores but these items made the exception haha

Well those were my weekend adventures. Hope you had many magical adventures  as well and remember
 "Life is either a great adveture or nothing"
So live it up well you can 

Xoxo Diana

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